Update: Incorrect Report of Coronavirus Case at USC

We want to provide information about reports that a student was transported by ambulance from off-campus housing this evening with novel coronavirus.

Because of student and patient privacy laws, we are unable to talk about any specific individuals. However, we can confirm that there are no students or residents from the off-campus Lorenzo Apartments diagnosed or under evaluation for the 2019 novel coronavirus. Students can be transported by ambulance for a variety of health conditions.

(Note: Starting on Feb. 28, USC has implemented a standalone website to make it easier to get updates about current university policy and activity regarding COVID-19. Visit the website, www.usc.edu/coronavirus/, for the latest information.)

Notifications about 2019 novel coronavirus infections occur through local public health authorities and will be communicated to the community.

University officials remain in contact with local public health officials; there is no known connection between affected individuals and USC.